Health & Safety

Take Care

We want you to have the best time here at The Log Cabin, but please be aware that there are rules and cautions:

Please shut the gate – there are often visitors to the estate who don’t recognise or respect property boundaries.

Please do not encourage seagulls by feeding them.

Please don’t flush anything other than toilet paper, the septic tank will not be able to deal with it.

No pets.

No smoking, candles or naked flames.

Please follow the guidelines for the rubbish and bins or they will not be emptied.

Be safe aware of the local tides and currents.

Wood burner: this will have been set for easy lighting on arrival. Do not leave anything on top of a lit wood burner nor leave the door open once lit. The full log store next to the burner is complimentary. More kindling & wood can be purchased from local shops such as Rolfe & Son in New Romney. Only use seasoned wood suitable for the wood burner.

Any breach of the rules may result in costs incurred to deal with subsequent issues.

Accidents Happen

We understand that accidents can happen. If anything gets broken or goes missing please email, or text or call, as soon as possible so we can replace or fix them. We will charge at cost unless we discover that something is broken or missing in the few hours we have for a complete changeover for the next guests, when we may have to charge you all the costs incurred for an instant replacement.

Stains and Laundry

When you are on holiday accidents happen. However, with most stains the sooner you deal with the problem, the easier it is to remove. As this is a self catering holiday let, we do therefore ask that you react swiftly to remove any accidental stains immediately, Please check on the internet/Google how to clean different stains off as the most effective treatment is often dependent on the type of stain and material. Please do let us know of anything you have stained, and are unable to remove it. Please email us immediately if you have an upholstery stain as we will need to get a specialist cleaner in.

Thank you